La saison fraîche 

It’s winter in New Caledonia and I am cold at night. You are all laughing at me right now. It’s okay, I get it, and you should be. But I am still cold. It’s embarrassing as a Canadian to admit to this. I am from the land of -40c, of snowmobiling, snow shoeing, sliding, skating. We have winter 5 months a year. I lived in that climate for 34 years! And now, as I am snuggled in my flannel jammies under my duvet and fleece blanket I am frozen. In Canada you set you heat to between 17-20, it dips below that and the heat turns on and you are warm. This can happen any time of year (generally not in summer) but you know what I mean. Here, we live in a house with little heat. Two of our five air conditioning units change to heaters. Last night it was 8 degrees…8 with two rooms heated. Seth told me he was pretty sure it was going to snow! Haha! He will be in for a big surprise when we return to Canada. I don’t remember it be this cold the last two saison fraîches but I left for Canada both ‘winters’ we have been here. You think that may be adding to my chagrin. This summer there is no visit home to Bathurst. No summer enjoying the long summer days, time with friends and family and Youghall beach. This year we chose to visit New Zealand, Indonesia and Australia and I have no regrets. Yet, seeing photos of my little town in the summer does send a pang of sadness in my heart, as I am sure it does for lots of people who can’t make it home.

Yet here, the days remain warm and sunny. After the sunrises it quickly warms to 23-26 degrees. Beautiful! I know I shouldn’t complain. I know it’s winter, but I guess when you think an island in the South Pacific you don’t ever think 8 degrees!

So, what’s a girl to do you might ask? It’s quite simple really;  wear jeans excitedly for the next 6 weeks, pretend it’s fall and make casseroles, lasagna and heartier meals and enjoy the reprieve from the smoking heat. After all winter here lasts as long as summer in Canada. Summer is coming and it will be warm again!


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