Another day

Photo taken from Twitter

Photo taken from Twitter

Another day, another update on the “rouleurs”. Yesterday most of the barricades were lifted on the main highway, the RT1. In Noumea however, they kept the barricades up and dumped full dump truck loads of dirt and ore on the roads, making movement impossible. An announcement was made last evening that a meeting was planned for today, Sunday, at 4pm, between the government and Contrakmine.  That was yesterday. Things have changed overnight. During the night a car hit into one of the barricades and the driver, a 26 year old died at the scene of the accident. The Haut Commisaire held a press conference at 8:30am demanding that all barricades be removed immediately and that no meeting would take place unless this demand by the government was met. On their Facebook page,  Contrakmine says all blockages are one lane, and will remain as such until they this evening, when the will close. The leader of Contrakmine has in the last 1/2 hour called his own press conference for 10am. There is a call for calm from the government. Our local store has no bread, the bakery has baguette but the media is reporting that there is a shortage of flour.  The gas stations are back to limited the gas amount to 3000xpf and again no buses are running.

It’s interesting times in New Caledonia. I find myself looking at media sites and Twitter for the most up to date information. Social media is filled with rumours, opinions and public backlash. So, I will go, it’s 10am. Time to see what the latest information is. Until tomorrow.


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