Out of the woods? 

I am sure some of you are wondering what is happening in regards to the blockades here on the island. Well, this is what I know and can gather from all the news outlets. The blockades are all down except  one near Cul de Pirogue, and it may be gone today but, no report as of yet. The Rouleurs have agreed to a mediator in the conflict and are having their first meeting today. And Miss Nouvelle Calédonie won’t be participating in Miss France….oh wait, that has nothing to do with the conflict but that is the headline of the day along with KNS is NOT for sale. It’s interesting how things can change so quickly. There is gas again and bread arrived yesterday. There was, as of yesterday still no baby formula but, I imagine it arrive today. Things seem like they are back to normal but really nothing has been resolved. 

We leave for New Zealand on Saturday and although I am pretty sure we will be okay to get to the airport and off the island, I still have this feeling like it’s not over yet. I hope I am wrong. Until I hear that there has been some agreement, understanding or declaration I will keep a few more grocery items in my pantry and let’s be honest a few more bottles of wine in the fridge!  



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