Dry, dry, dry

To say that we need rain is a huge understatement. We have been months with little rain and about 7 weeks with no rain. There are huge cracks in the ground, everything is burned brown by the sun and it crunches when you walk on it. Animals are already dying from lack of food and the media tells us that it’s just the beginning, as its an El Niño. 

Last week and this week we in and around Koné have been listening to the constant buzz of helicopters as the fly overhead delivering buckets of water to the bush fires that burn. It’s just so dry. And to add to the problem it’s a hot spring with temperatures of plus 30 most days. Last week a bush fire started in our neighbourhood in an empty lot. It was quickly extinguished but the crackling sound was loud and you immediately could tell just how dry it was. Add to the fact  that the trade winds are still blowing at this time of year it makes for a perfect storm! 

In the news there were reports of wild horses dying on an island off the coast. Without rain they were dying of starvation and dehydration. Horrible images of the horse corpses and a call to the public to help transport them off the island. They have since been relocated until conditions improve.

There are no water restrictions yet which surprises me. Last year we were not allowed filling pools, watering lawns and plants. Although, I am sure without rain it will eventually come to that. 

So yet again the tropical island does not look at all tropical. It’s a sea of dead brown grass and a sky filled with smoke. Hopefully we will get rain soon!



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