Photo credit : T. O’Connell

For those of you that know me, you know that camping is something I did years ago when I was young. Since I’ve grown up, most of my camping was done at the Marriott. But, since having our children, Keith and I have discussed many times how much we both loved camping with our families as children. Alas, you know what’s coming next…we went camping!

I’ve been told many, many times by my camper friends that camping is pretty awesome here on the island. I’ll be honest, the fact that there is only tenting and limited infrastructure at the campgrounds scared me. Yet, everyone seemed to love it. So, with a car full of new camping gear, I conceded to a trial camping weekend. With the weather hot and dry I figured I could do it! It started out small, us and another family but in true Keith and Kat fashion it ended up being 5 families! And of course we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Friday was a holiday for Keith so we were ready early Friday morning; a tent, table, stove, kitchen, blankets, air mattresses, pumps, chairs, food and of course  champagne! With the car loaded and barely enough room for the kids we headed north. We drove about a 2 hour drive north, past the tiny village of Poum to Bora Bora Beach campground. The road partially new and partially non existent in parts, over one lane bridges and past bush fires but, all without issue. The campground is gorgeous. It’s a piece of cleared land that sits on a white sand beach with the most turquoise, clear water I have ever seen. It’s breathtaking! We spent Friday midday unpacking and setting up while the boys played in the sand. By late afternoon most people had arrived and we prepared delicious apero and dinner. The kids dug holes on the beach, swam and feasted on spider hotdogs and marshmallows. Saturday we ate more and floated in the crystal clear water for hours! We swam with fish, kayaked, windsurfed, found star fish and laughed. It was a day to remember! Sunday, we drank cups of coffee while the sun rose high into the sky and packed up slowly. After lunch, we packed our two tired boys into our car and headed home. They slept from the first spin of the tires until the last. It was a fantastic weekend! 

I feel our camping dats here on the island have only begun. Last night we looked for a good spot for our next weekend. Things you should know if you are planning on camping on the island.

  •  Sites have no electricity, and often no picnic table.
  • Few have large washroom facilities so bring along toilet paper and shower when you get home! 
  • Bring drinking water, although most have water,  not all is good for drinking
  • Sunblock is essential. 

 Here is a link to more info


    Photo credit: T. O’Connell



    Photo credt: T. O’Connell


    Photo credit: T. O’Connell




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