Sometimes people weave in and out of our lives. We sometimes think that these people are just acquaintances, people we say hello to as we pass by. But, sometimes, you find out why your paths keep crossing. You are meant to be more than that. You are meant to be friends. For me, this is Annette.

I first met Annette many moons ago when I taught her eldest son in Bathurst. She was an energetic mother of 3 boys, I was a new teacher, in my early twenties. I said hello to her, met with her for parent teacher and said hello if we passed in the grocery store. A few years later, I again taught her eldest son and again,  the next year her middle son. Then a few years later, I heard that she and her family were leaving Bathurst for New Caledonia. New Caledonia? Where is that I remember asking. Oh it’s far, far away, in the South Pacific. Oh wow! I’d never go there, I proclaimed.

Well I am sure you have figured out what happened next. Yup, a year and a half later we were on a plane headed for Koné. When we arrived I had no idea where she lived or if she would want to spend anytime together. My life had changed, I was now mid thirties with a young son. Within 24 hours, we were reconnected. She invited me to be in her book club, which I joined, but she being here a while had a group of friends. We’d see each other often enough grab a coffee an talk about the news of Bathurst. Then we moved to the same neighbourhood. Our once a month coffees turned into twice a week exercise followed by coffee and that is where she became my good friend. 

Now, this morning my good friend is leaving. Her time here is done, her path leading her to Perth. I am sad that she must go but happy that she is off to Perth. Life here is already less colourful. The cloud cover this morning seems suiting. Annette is so full of life! She is dramatic, funny and passionate. Her personality is like the colourful island flowers. She is an amazing story teller and loves to complain while we exercise. She is kind and generous and likes to drink champagne just as much as me and now, I call her my friend. 

So my friend, I wish you, Peter and the boys farewell. It’s not goodbye but until next time because now we are friends in real life and on Facebook 😉 



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