Heat wave

The last 3 weeks in New Caledonia have been hot! Twenty year old temperature records have been broken and the heat continues.

Last week temperatures soared well into the high thirties and have stayed there. Today it’s 34 in the shade. We are lucky enough to have air conditioning in our house so we are quite comfortable. But, walking from the house to my car has me breaking out into a sweat and wiping my brow. 

To beat the heat and celebrate my birthday last weekend we headed to the Sheraton Deva in Bourail about an hour away. We basically spent the whole weekend in the pool. It was hot. Hot by tropical standards. As we were being driven on a golf cart to the pool I asked the lady driving if she knew the temperature? “Well, it’s hot! 39.2 is what the resort is registering” I’d consider that pretty hot! And in that temperature even with a hat, reapplying sunblock many times and being in the shade from 12-2, I still managed a sunburn on my lips and shoulders. Have you ever heard of sunburnt lips? Crazy! 

With the heat the government has moved to level 2 warning for heat. These include;

  • Drinking a minimum of 1L of water a day
  • Staying out of the heat between  10am and 2pm
  • Doing exercise early in the morning and late in the day, while hydrating 
  • The elderly and young children to be kept inside in the cool

In Noumea, the beaches have been packed until yesterday, when 3 were closed because of polluted or high levels of bacteria in the water. It makes it tough to cool off! The nighttime lows are no relief either. Temperatures lower only to 27-28 degrees, and jump back up to high 30s shortly after sunrise. And, with the school year starting in 4 days,  officials and schools are racing to have extra fans, water and shaded areas set up for the children. 

The forecast for the next week has no temperature under 32, so it looks like the heat wave will continue, that is until a cyclone comes! 

I’m off, it’s time for more water! 

Refreshing water, oh wait, the water temperature is 28 degrees!

Temperature in the sun at high noon


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