East Coast Camping

The month of May is holiday month in France. Four stat holidays mean long weekends and no school. So, with the slight temperature drop, think 20 at night instead of 26, it’s ideal for camping on the island.

Our last camping trips were north of Koné at Bora Bora. We love that beach and site but the whole point of starting to camp was to see more of the island, so we decided to go to the east coast. The east coast is a mere 75kms away. Sounds dreamy except it’s over a mountain range and on the narrowest of roads. I try and avoid it at all costs but,  what’s an hour of your life being nauseous? 

We left early Friday morning with all our gear and headed to the transversale. The boys fell asleep quickly. In the meantime Keith and I chatted and enjoyed the morning sun and a coffee ( well I did) Once across to the other side we headed 35 Kms south along the coastline to Camping Tiakan. Camping Tiakan is a coconut grove set on the beach. It’s pretty spectacular. On entry to the camp ground there is a box where you can pay for your campsite. The cost is 500xpf per adult, 350 per child over 3. So about $15 CAD a night. With no reception, remember this is New Caledonia, you call the owner and he directs you to your site. We had reserved, as we were 4 families and were directed to the grande faré site. This campground is the best in New Caledonia as far as I am concerned. It has clean bathrooms, hot showers and the owner takes pride in the place, checking in on you, gathering garbage etc. We were so impressed by the large faré, picnic tables and BBQ. 

The weather was exceptional and we played for hours in the waves, played on the beach and enjoyed the outdoors. Very close the the campsite is a store with everything you might need and more. It was a glorious weekend and we hope to return soon.  

 South Pacific Sunset


Our faré 

Even a swing set!

  The Casa Flynn

  The Casa O’Connell

The beautiful sunrise


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