6 months

This morning I woke up and realized that we have 6 months left on this adventure. Six months?!? Some days I feel like I just arrived, while other days I can’t remember life before. Maybe it’s because in the last month or so we have been to so many going away parties. Other people finished their own adventure. It’s a bit scary to think of leaving home. This strange place that, 3 and a half years ago I desperately couldn’t wait to leave. Now it is the home to so many memories; beaches, camping, meals, friends, the birth of a child, first days of school, travel, coffees, challenges, so many laughs. 





Within this 6 month window we have a trip home to Canada, the first in 2 years. So time feels like it’s slipping by quickly. I still have so many things I want to do. I still want to go to another Loyalty Island, I still want to see Phare Amédée,  I still dream of my weekend sailing on a catamaran, I have yet to climb to the top of the Tia plateau ( I know it’s in Kone) and how about Ilot Maître? Yet, within this giant wish list we still have school days, work days, birthday parties and regular life. And, I guess at some point there will be the job of packing our belongings and heading off. 

Seth has no intention of leaving. He arrived at 14 months and will be 5 when we leave. This is home to him. It’s his community, his school and his friends. This home in Canada we speak of is just a collection of stories we have told him or flashes of memories from visiting. Theo was born here, this is his home. He knows of nothing else. Camping amongst the palm trees, sunshine everyday and flip flops as your footwear are his normal. 

So, with months left it’s time to prioritize. What needs to be seen, what else can we squeeze in and what needs to be left off the table. All I know is that the adventures will continue right until the end, so stay tuned. I think we have a few more adventures in New Caledonia left in us. 

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