Long overdue 

I’ve been avoiding the blog. I’m sorry. Life has been getting in the way. We are expecting Baby 3, or should I say baby boy 3 in a few months and let me say the first 20 weeks have been hard on this momma. Now that the sickness has ended, things are much easier. In August, we were to Canada for the first time in two years. It was a long overdue visit with family and friends. In September,  we celebrated Seth’s 5th birthday with an all out Star Wars party and now we are preparing for our big move back to Canada. Can you believe how fast four years goes? Neither can I! It’s bitter sweet. On one hand we are excited about the next adventure and what lies ahead for our family but at the same time leaving our friends here will be hard. These are friends that have been our family on the island. We’ve spent holidays with them, experienced lots of firsts and supported each other during our island life. I’m trying not to think about goodbyes yet. 

With less than 60 days it also puts the pressure on to do all those last minute things that we have been putting off for 4 years. This past weekend we went camping again at Bora Bora beach. It was gorgeous as usual. Floating in the water I tried to memorize that view, the colour of the water and the feeling of the sun. I wondered, will I be able to remember it in 3 months, 3 years or even 30? 

Bora Bora Beach

Left on the list are countries we won’t make it to, Ouvéa, Îlot Maître and the overwater bungalows, a last weekend at the Sheraton resort. Along with Keith still working & Seth still at school it will be impossible to squeeze it all in but you know us, we will definitely try! 

Daddy & Theo

Then there is the inevitable buying of winter clothes, four years in flip flops and shorts seems so much easier these days. Neither of boys have experienced snow. I imagine it will be exciting but at the same  cold. On the flip side, we get to spend our first Christmas in four years with family. It’s pretty exciting for all of us. 

So while we plan and prepare to leave, we are trying to find that balance of still living here while preparing for a life on the other side of the world. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes not so easy. When I think of it, this whole experience reminds  me of a school year. In September, everything is fresh and new. You don’t know your students but you are excited and ready for the challenge. By Christmas you have settled into the routine. You have a handle on who everyone is and the year is shaping up. Now, we are in what I like to think of as May. The class is getting a bit ratty, you’ve used all the markers. You know all the students well and are sad about the end of the school year, but, you know you have arrived at the end. It’s time for summer vacation and you are excited about the summer. Maybe, this comparison only makes sense if you are an educator. But, its the best comparison I can think of to describe it. 

So, I will try and keep the blog a little more active. I’m hoping the time left will have lots of great moments to add to the many we have already made. So until next time! 

Photo credits: T. O’Connell


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