30 things I love…

30 days until we go and I’m thinking of all the things I love about this place. So here goes in no particular order;

  1. Baguette 
  2. Butter with sel de guérande 
  3. The weather
  4. Turquoise water
  5. Snorkelling 
  6. Schweppes Passion 
  7. Colourful clothing
  8. Flip flops all year long
  9. École Téari 
  10. Fresh Piña coladas 
  11. Bananas (North America that’s not what bananas really taste like)
  12. Tony from Case au Froid
  13. Using my clothesline everyday 
  14. French architecture 
  15. The rustle of palm trees
  16. Birds chirping in the morning 
  17. Nounou 
  18. Kylie’s yoga on Thursday 
  19. Weekend sieste
  20. The 5 minute Doctor’s office wait
  21. Champagne 
  22. Sheraton weekends
  23. Shrimp
  24. Coffee with the girls
  25. Cheese, all the cheese
  26. Morning coffee on the patio
  27. Lychees 
  28. Flamboyant trees
  29. Geckos 
  30. All my friends

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